Every traveler needs a relatively concise list of resources to get (and keep) them going.  Here’s mine!

Blogs I follow:

I dig him because…

She’s great because…

Affiliate Links:

The way this works is that you get to shop for stuff you WANT to buy ALREADY and JUST because you clicked and purchase through these links, the company pays me itty bitty fractions of cents on the dollar.  I wish you got a discount (and will work on that!) but ya don’t, you just get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that these corporate giants have to shell out a teeny smidge cuz I’m advertising for them and that helps me to keep traveling and providing you great content! 😉

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Travel Sites: Use the links below to book and if the reservation meets certain requirements (typically, new clients only…hhmm, ghost account anyone? lol), then we BOTH get a small rebate after your stay!

  • – While I use a variety of sources, this is usually my first stop when looking for lodging.

  • AirBnB – If I need more of a homey setting (longer stays, kitchens/laundry facilities, etc), then this is where I usually find the best accommodations.

Random Other Stuff That Might Be Helpful: