Hiya and howdy! We are Ruben and Arlee and welcome to a slice of our life.

There’s always the “long” and “short” of things so in a bitty nutshell, we are a couple of 40 somethings that got fed up with the American rat race and decided to stop TALKING and just DO the thing we’ve both always wanted to do…. TRAVEL!  But not just as vacation. We are into living a “normal” (but better!) life while being location independent, “global citizens”, corporate fugitives, digital nomads, what have you.  This blog aims to show you how we do all the normal things one does in life, but from a mobile perspective.  So that includes the actual travel destinations and processes, food (I love to cook and who doesn’t love to eat?!), health and fitness (sanity and vanity require it), and whatever else crosses our minds when the idea is to look back at a ripe old age with an ear to ear, toothless grin and say “Yep, THAT was a Fully Lived Life!”.

And since I (Arlee) am also a yoga teacher and into personal development (Soul Evolution) and am concerned with social justice issues, you’ll also find some political/social/spiritual tidbits under Random Thoughts.

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Since getting this blog off the ground is the primary focus (and not our bio’s) I’ll let this page sit here and revisit now and again to fill you guys in on more about us.

**Pic taken in October 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are in front of the Floralis Genérica (or just the Big Flower to locals) in the Recoleta Bario. Definitely worth the visit since it’s spitting distance to the Recoleta Cemetery and the gorgeous Basílica Nuestra del Señora Pilar.