This post was sparked by something I saw on social media….. a person asking if others believed in ‘an afterlife’ and if they were afraid to die. I didn’t do a precise count but it seemed like roughly 1/2 responded with a YES they believed in an afterlife and YES they were terrified to die. Only a few said YES to belief and NO to fear (usually accompanied by a “by the blood of the lamb” or “because he loved me enough to die” kind of things). There was about another 1/4 that said I DON’T KNOW about an afterlife and YES still scared to die. I don’t recall any I DON’T KNOW and NO fear. The final 1/4 was NO to belief in an afterlife and pretty evenly split between fear and no fear.

Wow. The largest segment, those who believe in some sort of afterlife, is also the most fearful. The undecided are second biggest segment and still highly fearful. Seems the peace comes from NOT believing (according to my highly scientific observations anyway😉).  But if a person believes in an afterlife for religious reasons (most common), shouldn’t that eliminate their fear because they know they’re going to a ‘better place’? Hhmm…?

Here’s my take….

This IS the afterlife. And there will be another life, and another life and another.

Science and religion have grappled with our origins (and, by extension, our future demise). Religion says there’s a Man In The Sky who poofs us into existence when we’re conceived/born but rather then poofing us out of existence when we die, keeps our Soul energy around to either reward or punish us for exercising the ability that it gave us to think critically and to know intuitively.  It’s like that mythical Man In The Sky was saying “Here’s the one thing that makes you different from animals. Here’s the thing that makes you unique on this entire planet. But don’t use it. Be my slave; don’t think, don’t question and do only as I say (regardless of how ridiculous/contrary to my supposed nature/cruel it may be, because that would mean you’re using that marvelous brain I gave you, which you’re not allowed to do) or I’ll roast you in fire forever.” WTH? And even more fun are all the different versions of what that Man In The Sky wants/loves/hates and everyone thinks their version of that version is the only true version (and for some, that means all the rest of y’all gotta die or be badgered into agreeing with that version).

Science says energy doesn’t begin or end. It can only transfer, transmute. Science doesn’t claim to know what made the Big go Bang, but it can prove that all anti/matter/energy has a single originating point that it’s expanding from at a set rate.  Just as the Big Bang (or Creation, if you’re going with that story) exploded our universe into the physical realm, in order for consciousness, life itself, to be present in this universe, the BB also had to explode Source energy, Cosmic Consciousness, Life Energy along with it.

Our Soul is energy also and that energy, that “spark” of life, that essential electricity is the defining line between dead and alive. Our Soul energy is simply one fragment of one 3D (well, 4D if we’re counting Time and if you follow String Theory, there are up to 26 dimensions) expression of energy.  When the energy that is the Soul transfers out of this 4D experience via death, it has to still be present within the 26D.

But what does it do once free of these meat carcasses? Dunno the answer to that one but both Science and Religion say it’s still “here”.

My personal belief system says it commingles with all the other Soul energies that form the Source (God, Allah, Wakan Tanka, Brahman, Yahweh, Shiva, Gitche Manitou, Vishnu, Great Spaghetti Monster, or whatever you want to call it), swapping wisdom and basking in True state….Oneness of BEing. Non duality. And when Soul accepts its next assignment for evolution and a 4D carcass is required to experience situations and allow for the exercise of free will (because that is how growth/evolution happens), then it splits from Oneness and another incarnation occurs programmed with life events that present the needed opportunities for growth.

We’ve all known young people with ‘old souls’ and older people with all the sass of a youngster. We’ve heard of child prodigies and likely have ourselves some sort of ability or affinity that cannot quite be explained as having come from this lifetime. We’ve all had flashes of inspiration, moments of insight or ‘cosmic downloads’ (relevant information that just pops into our brains), premonitions, intuitive knowing or deja vu that can’t be explained….where does this come from? My answer – the Cosmic Consciousness, the Oneness. It’s quite possibly a remembrance from a previous lifetime (our own or another’s that has been shared with Oneness) or its an advanced insight that has no terrestrial, 4D origin.

I believe we repeat this process until we become ‘enlightened’ and can tap in to and experience that Oneness of BEing while in 4D form, in as much as the restrictions of this meat sleeve can allow. Our Soul energy recycles through each dimension until that dimension’s lessons have been assimilated and we’re ready to progress to the next. It would make sense that we then ‘graduate’ to 5D and beyond as our ability to stay in connection to Source grows.

Am I afraid of death? Nope. The idea of pain scares me. No one wants to hurt or experience the diminished capacities of aging. And thinking about how warped the typical Western view of death is (shaped by what patriarchal men have created as a god in their own cruel, petty, capricious image and called a ‘deity’), I’m sad for the self-imposed suffering people may experience at my absence. Pain at the loss of a loved person is inevitable; the suffering is just a choice most are programmed to make.

So no,  I’m not afraid of death itself. It’s just the next big adventure. There’s still plenty of adventure left in this life, though, so I’m not overly eager to get on to the next but whenever it happens…it happens!

What’s your take on this? Do you believe in an afterlife? Are you afraid?

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Posted by Arlee Weiss

Free Range Human, Bad Yogi, Random Adventurer, Gym Junkie, Sailor.

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  1. Interesting concept, Arlee, I cannot say that I agree OR disagree. I’m not that smart. I would say MY concept of this aligns in part with what you propose and in some areas varies considerably. My current, personal, philosophy is that what ever it is that gives you peace and confidence, is what you go with. I am quite comfortable allowing others to chart their own course,( religious, ethical, lifestyle or whatever), as long as they do not try to mold me into that particular pattern as “the only way”. I am impressed by your thinking and sincerely wish you well – in this life and whatever follows.



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