I heard this about halfway up the temple. My gut did that instinctual, anxious lurp into my throat and then peaceful reality kicked in… Yup, I’d left it down there on purpose so people staring at their phones while walking around the central plaza at Xunantunich would trip over it and not my GoPro filming us hike up this pyramid.

I said as much to the well meaning stranger and got the expected “But what if someone takes it?!” reaction.   HA! Yeah, let them pick up that bag and run off with it! I almost double dog dare them to.  I went on to explain that it was an Empack bag from Evolved Motion (https://evolvedmotion.com, not an affiliate *yet*, it’s just good stuff!) and presently weighed around 35lbs.  If someone was going to run off with it, I’m pretty sure that they’d either drop it within 15 paces or that I could make it back down the pyramid and catch up to them before they made it out of the plaza. Walking around (let alone running) with an extra 35lbs on your back is no joke!  And that’s why this Instagram advert bag caught my eye…

So what exactly does one do with this bag? Well, for starters, it comes with 2 super durable bladders that weigh 15lbs each when filled with water (22lb if you fill with sand), has comfortable, cushioned handles in several places so it can be held in several ways and sturdy webbing cinch-straps to tighten it up and keep it compact so the bladders don’t get annoying flopping all around. Once you have the weight part sorted out, you can simply pop it on your back like any other backpack and go for a walk!  That’s what we did when visiting the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich and Cahal Pech in San Ignacio, Belize.

We’ve also used it for~

  • Back squats : Just wear it like a backpack
  • Front squats : Hug it to your chest and use the 2 front handles or the top and bottom handles to vary the shoulder/arm focus
  • Overhead squats : Choose your grip, hoist away, have difficulty washing your hair later
  • Straight Leg Deadlifts : Use the 2 front handles and hinge at the hips
  • Running stairs

And there are a bunch of things we want to do but haven’t had time to play with just yet!

Maybe we’ll post a video of an actual workout someday! 😉

Posted by Arlee Weiss

Free Range Human, Bad Yogi, Random Adventurer, Gym Junkie, Sailor.

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