Have you ever been on a travel site looking for the lowest airfare, think you’ve found the perfect itinerary at a great price, entered all your info and hit the button to purchase when BAM, you get hit with an error message saying the flight had sold out or the price had increased? Aaarrgghhh!! I can’t even tell you how many times that happened to us until we stumbled across this hack.

I think we all know that changing the date a few days in one direction or another, changing the flight pattern of departure/arrival airports or preferring which layover airport to use are all influences in the price of a ticket – and sometimes significantly!  To find the best price, I would search a number of different parameters and just when I had narrowed the options down to the best deal, gone through the passenger and payment data entry and hit the purchase button, it suddenly wasn’t available anymore for the original price and was instead significantly higher!

I also found that one particular site which seemed to have the best deals pretty consistently also had this tease-n-switcharoo thing happen most frequently.  Hint: It’s a major flight broker that starts with an “O” and ends in that sound frogs make.

Hack:  You need 2 devices to do this so either a phone and computer or tag team with your travel buddy.

  • Have the account you want to purchase from set up with all your passenger and credit card info.
  • Be logged in to that account on one device but have no travel search parameters set.
  • Use a guest/anonymous profile from the SECOND device to do the searching.
  • Once you find the best deal, use your FIRST (logged in) device to find ONLY that same deal.
  • As soon as your desired itinerary pops up – BUY IT.

There’s something in that website’s algorithms that jacks the price up if you search too many times or if you sit on a particular screen too long.

Try it! And let me know how it works for you

Posted by Arlee Weiss

Free Range Human, Bad Yogi, Random Adventurer, Gym Junkie, Sailor.

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